• Under The Mango Tree is a hybrid social enterprise that promotes beekeeping to increase agricultural productivity and provides market access to enhance income and improve livelihoods of marginal farmers in India.
    Under The Mango Tree tackles both ends of the honey supply chain. Through its for-profit, UTMT Pvt. Ltd.,it sources high-quality organic honeys from farmer cooperatives, then packages the honey for sale direct to customers.

    100% Pure Ethically Purchased Empowering Communities Impact Driven

  • Our Story

    Under The Mango Tree is committed to sustainability, from which all our other values take form. Sustainability means many things to us: from investing in long-term relationships with our partners–-farmer, customer & supplier–-to ensuring our practices benefit the environment.

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  • Social Impact

    Through its non-profit, UTMT Society, Under The Mango Tree
    implements its Bees for Poverty Reduction framework,
    training and equipping smallholding farmers to
    use bees to increase their incomes by as much
    asthreefold.With a built-in buy back arrangement
    for honey produced,farmersare able to income
    by another 40% from the increase their
    sale of their own honey.

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  • Honey

    Our all-natural single-origin honey collected directly from beekeepers retains its unique flavors, which is linked to either a single flora source

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