• Under The Mango Tree

    Under The Mango Tree (UTMT) is a social enterprise that promotes beekeeping to increase agricultural productivity, enhance incomes and improve livelihoods of marginal farmers in India. UTMT utilizes the power of market forces to provide poor farmers with a lucrative income stream by training them to use bees to diversify their revenue sources and by establishing market access for the honey produced. The all-natural honey collected retains its unique flavours influenced by flora nectar gathered by bees and is packaged and sold directly to consumers. We intend to create India’s first national fair trade brand of gourmet, single-origin honey.
  • Our Story

    Under The Mango Tree is committed to sustainability, from which all our other values take form. Sustainability means many things to us: from investing in long-term relationships with our partners–-farmer, customer & supplier–-to ensuring our practices benefit the environment.

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  • Social Impact

    The decline in agricultural growth and productivity in India is negatively affecting the lives of marginal farmers—who comprise 75% of India’s population. Read more about how we impact the lives of farmers

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  • Honey

    Our all-natural single-origin honey collected directly from beekeepers retains its unique flavors, which is linked to either a single flora source

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