Welcoming Simant Verma in his journey of exploring rural india

The journey of spreading sweetness is not so easy. But the joy of spreading sweetness is a priceless experience. Let us welcome Simant Verma in the journey of spreading sweetness in the UTMT Madhya Pradesh team. It is a pride to see young Indians taking a step forward in contributing their bit to the society.

Drumrolls –  An India Fellow, he will be with us for a year, working with farmers and bees in the Jamai block, Chindwara district. A Delhi lad, Simant’s keen interest of the outdoors and passion for exploring rural India led him to sign up for the adventurous assignment. For him, today is the start of something new. For us, its an added spoon of sweetness to our jar. Just like an added feather to the cap.

We hope that this journey helps him achieve everything he desires. All the best

Checking on a beebox


Listening to teammates Saurabh (left) and Santosh (center) during the routine monthly planning meeting in UTMT’s Bhopal office.


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