Welcoming our beekeepers to the city of dreams!

It is said that the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. So let us welcome our beekeepers to the big city. A city of dreams surely for those who believe that a dream does’nt become a reality by magic; it takes sweat, determination and hardwork! 6 beekeepers, four of them women from Maharashtra and Gujarat, visited Mumbai to share their journey with supporters and friends of UTMT at a small celebration-cum-fundraiser in October. It was something they had only dreamed of – reaching Mumbai, the city of dreams.

Sujana, Executive Director (far right) welcomes an excited team to Mumbai.

Sujana welcomes mumbai team

The first of many selfies in the city. The Dhule team relishing a refreshing cutting chai.

Dhule Team having tea

Mumbai Darshan starting at the Gateway.

Mumbai Darshan

Marvelling at CST’s architectural beauty.

CST station Visit

Star beekeepers Sumantai and Shardatai say they will never forget their first train ride – a rush of colour, sounds and emotions. 

Star beekeepers Sumantai and Shardata

The team at Mount Mary Church.

The team at Mount Mary Church.

A No Bees, No Food exhibit at the entrance of the event. Without bees we would not have all the foods we love – tomato sauce, fruits, vegetables, pulses, coffee, chocolate and lots more. 

no bees no food

Our Board members moderate a panel discussion with the beekeepers. Proud of the confidence with which they expressed themselves, despite it being their first urban experience. 

panel discussion with beekepers

Grateful to all the guests who turned up to show their support. Our beekeepers enjoyed sharing their stories and interacting with you !

beekepers interaction with utmt team

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