UTMT’s Master Trainers Program – A smashing success!

Twice a year, Under The Mango Tree takes the initiative of making life better for the less privileged – for the farmers as well as the bees! We aim at teaching the farmers the art of “beekeeping” to add to their source of income.


This February saw the first of the two lined up training programs for this year. It was a two day training program that aimed at generating people’s resources locally, so as to accelerate our Bees for Poverty Reduction Initiative.

The response was overwhelming. 9 women and 3 men were selected as Master Trainers (MT) across three villages – Sukapur, Kevlipada and Mauchipada.


The program was a success as the participants felt privileged and enlightened by the acquired knowledge. The misconception of ‘bees are such a nuisance’ was completely washed out of their minds. In fact, the MT’s now respect the bees as they have shown them a new source of earning income.

These MT’s are further going to provide their services in 4 Villages that include their own three as well as Chavlipada. All in all, they will be assisting 148 farmers in the area for beekeeping.


It was a pleasant sight to see so many women come forward for their development. It only humbled us to learn that this training has also worked in the direction of women empowerment. The MT’s are confident and want to take up the challenge of training the other farmers and successfully carry out their own bee keeping activities.

All of these MT’s are Below the Poverty Line farmers who have very limited and restricted income means. This training has made them feel empowered and positive by opening new avenues of income generation.

We are proud to have made a difference in the lives of these 12 MT’s and the several others who will be benefiting from the training provided by these MT’s in the days to come.


UTMT has taken a step closer in the direction of enhancing the social and economic functioning of these marginalized farmers.