UTMT wins an international award for ‘Bee keeping for rural development’

UTMT was represented by its Executive Director, Sujana, at an international conference on ‘Honeybees and Honey for Food Security and Ecological Balance’ organised by the Asian Apiculture Association (AAA), HARDEN, WWF (Nepal) and Dept of Agriculture, Govt of Nepal at Kathmandu on October 24.
The conference gave us an opportunity to present our model to a distinguished  gathering of apiculture experts from Asia.
Our work, with its focus on the indigenous bee Apis cerana indica and its pollination benefits for small farmers  was appreciated widely. UTMT was given the Beekeeping for Rural Development award – our first international award by AAA and HARDEN.  We’d like to say a big Thank you to all our supporters and members of Team UTMT, who with their hard work, commitment and dedication have made this possible!
Sujana making the presentation at the Conference
Sujana making the presentation at the Conference
Prof. Siriwat Wongsiri, President of AAA, Prof.Cleofas Cervancia, President, Apimondia Regional Commission for Asia and Prof Xiaoqing Miao, Fujian agriculture University, China.
 President of AAA
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