Social Story – When our Respected Donors Trust Us all the more

We recently hosted on field in Nashik, Mr. Jehangir and Mr. Dinsoo, Trustees from our longtime funders Dr & Mrs S H M Modi Hormus House Benevolence Trust Fund. The Trust has been supporting beekeepers in Peth block of Nashik, Maharashtra for two years, where yields of mango, cashew, drumstick, French bean, bottle gourd have improved greatly since the intervention.


Senior Master Trainer Tukaramji demonstrates the working of a honey extractor to a curious Mr Dinsoo and Mr Jehangir


Learning from Senior Master Trainer Ravi about how bees live in a beebox
Ravi explains the mobile based monitoring app specially developed for tracking beebox health
Leafing through colourful scrapbooks developed by a beekeeper Mr. Mangesh Gagurde, where he shares his own experiences keeping bees