Social Story: Our UTMT Champion

We have had a string of wonderful guests visit our rural project sites recently. In March, our Gujarat team hosted Mr. Martin Kunz – an accomplished, passionate beekeeper and fairtrade expert from the United Kingdom. Mr Kunz has been an enthusiastic UTMT supporter and provides valuable inputs from his many decades long career in the sector. Keen to learn about the impact of UTMT’s work, he interacted extensively with the beekeepers and UTMT staff, comparing and contrasting beekeeping practices with those of other regions in India and the West.


At Tutarkhed village in Valsad district, a group of women beekeepers chats with Mr Kunz and his wife, with UTMT’s Gujarat team leader Dhara Patel translating along the way.


Photographing the bees!


Getting a close-up of the honey extraction process, aided by Master Trainers Madhubhai and Manilalbhai


Thrilled to see UTMT’s latest experimental initiative – mud hives built using locally available raw materials. If successful, it will keep the hive cool in scorching summer months and help reduce starter kit costs.

We are very grateful to count Mr. Kunz as one of UTMT’s champions!