Honey on face2

Looking out for a solution to enlarged pores?

For smoothing and clarifying the skin texture, especially for fat skin with enlarged pores here’s a quick tip.

Take 1 teaspoon UTMT honey, warm milk, potato starch, salt and mix it.

Put a mix on the face skin and neck with a piece of cotton.

Let it for about 25 minutes

Wash up face at first with warm, then cold water.

Practice the above regime at least twice a week for a couple of weeks and you will begin seeing the difference in no time.



Honey Lemon Face Pack

UTMT honey and lime juice summer face pack


This is the best summer face pack for glow, fairness and oil control.

This is good to get the skin color back to normal after you come home from prolonged sun exposure.

Here’s how you prepare it:

Mix your favorite UTMT honey and some lemon juice in equal amounts.

Mix and use on the face.

Try this every other day in summers to keep the skin in good state.


Naturally Exfoliate Your Skin

Your skin goes through a lot of pollution during the day. All it needs is a bit of relaxation and exfoliation. Basically, a ‘honey with oats’ face pack is the exactly what your skin needs!

To prepare your honey with oats pack, you will need:

– Half cup of your favorite UTMT honey

– Handful of oats



– Make a thick paste out of the honey and oats.

– Apply it on your face as a face mask

– Allow it to dry for about 10 to 15 minutes

– Exfoliate it thoroughly while removing it

– Wash your face with cold water and tap your face dry with a soft face towel


Notice how your skin feels rejuvenated and fresh!