utmt gifting honey

Gift the Goodness of Honey

utmt gifting honey

The practice of gifting honey seems to be as old as man. It has been a traditional gift for many occasions. Bees and honey have been around for as long as we can find records. One of the oldest is a painting in spider cave, near Valencia, Spain dated between 6,000 and 8,000 years old. What they did with this golden treasure and how they used it has disappeared with them. However, there have been records that provide clues to the use of honey as a gift tradition. The question then is, where did we get this custom to give honey on special occasions?

As far back as 30 B.C., in ancient Egypt, honey was used in the households as a sweetening agent. It was highly valued and was often paid as a tribute or as payment. By the 7th century B.C. Greeks were gifting honey to the Gods and to the departed spirits as a sacrificial offering. Fast forward to the 11th century, German peasants followed the path of the Egyptians in gifting honey to the feudal lords as payment.

The exchange of gifts is a key aspect of many cultures worldwide. What you give is just as important as how and when you give it. The giving of gifts is a language of symbols, and giving honey is like sweet poetry. Thoughtful gifts go a long way. They mark the thing you’ll be remembered by.

Honey is one of the many ways to ease the burden and sweeten this gift-giving process. Flavoured honey is among the easiest and most delicious herbal treats. Not only is it a unique gift, it is healthy — both for your body and mind. Honeybees are found all over the world and so are the delicacies that include their sweet honey: Spanish tapas, French sauces, British biscuits and Turkish cakes. Honey is a globally recognized and treasured resource that enriches many different cultures through their recipes and cultural traditions. This festive season, when considering what to give your loved ones, friends, neighbours or coworkers—think about giving the gift of honey.

The honey manufactured by Under The Mango Tree’s farmers is organic and pure. We have various gifting options that suit all kinds of occasions — be it corporate, birthdays or anniversaries. In addition, 10% of your purchase directly impacts the livelihood of farmers in rural India through our Bees for Poverty Reduction Initiative.