Our Successful Master Trainer Workshop – April 2015

UTMT’s “Master Trainers” are farmers who have demonstrated more interest and capability in beekeeping than the rest of their beekeeping peers. They are part of the technical team performing a host of field-level activities: teaching beekeeping to new beekeepers, providing fortnightly handholding, checking health of the beeboxes and solving issues related to beebox management.
Ms. Smita Ranjane, a donor representative, listens to a participant making a point. Ratnamala-tai (in red sari) next to her, diligently takes notes. Ms. Smita later said, “Ratnamala-tai was incredibly sincere… we are going to try and mobilize women in our project areas now…they are often unnecessarily underestimated. In fact, they are much more organised and committed.”
New Master Trainers are identified and selected by UTMT staff from a group of newly trained farmers, and have the opportunity to attend advanced beekeeping workshops organised by UTMT thrice a year. At these workshops, not only are the Master Trainers’ technical skills honed, but also their soft skills like communication and group management which are equally essential in order to effectively engage new beekeepers.
The group is all ears for Mr Atar Singh’s tips on keeping a beebox cool in summer
The Master Trainer workshop held in April 2015 in UTMT’s Beekeeping Resource Centre in Tutarkhed village, Valsad district of Gujarat was focused on summer management of beeboxes. 20 trainees participated from 3 projects in Gujarat, Maharashtra and Madhya  Pradesh, including a woman trainee. Mr Atar Singh Kaintura, UTMT’s experienced
Manilalbhai Gavit, an old UTMT hand from the village, assists Mr Atar Singh in demonstrating summer management of a beebox.
Technical Expert from Uttaranchal, delivered the training over 3 days, covering season relevant topics like summer maintenance, flora pattern, and honey extraction. Practical demonstrations at beeboxes were held to cement the theory lessons. A few snapshots from the workshop.
Old Master Trainers Madhubhai Bhoya (left) gets a helping hand from a new Master Trainer Ambelalbhai, during a practical session