Our new initiative toward contributing to agricultural productivity

We recently distributed saplings of a variety of local crops and fruits across several project villages. This was the first time we piloted the initiative, aimed at increasing agricultural productivity and providing an additional source of food for our bees.

Needless to say, our farmers were thrilled ! Snapshots from our women beekeepers’ project in Dhule:

 Coconut1: Coconut saplings waiting to be planted. Bees love coconut, and studies show that yields improve vastly by bee pollination.
Coconut2: The village children were more excited than their parents! Simple joys in life
Coconut 3: More coconut!
Coconut4: Work doesn’t stop even on a grey, wet rainy day. Kalpesh, UTMT staff, distributes saplings.
Lemon saplings: Lemon trees being commonly grown in home gardens in the villages, it was decided that lemon saplings should be included in the flora
Lemon saplings
Drumstick1: The women happily pose with their drumstick plants, alongwith Jayshree, UTMT staff (right)
Drumstick2: Women beekeepers attaching a support to their drumstick plant. Bees also love drumstick, several farmers have reported huge increases in drumstick yields after keeping beeboxes.
Drumstick3: Looking forward to more healthy beeboxes, more greenery, and better incomes for the farmers!
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