Orient Paper Mill joins the buzz.

With the decline in bees world over, more individuals and organizations are stepping up to take up beekeeping as an activity. There is a trending buzz about the importance of bees beyond honey – they are responsible for almost 70% of the food we eat! Under The Mango Tree promotes indigenous beekeeping for small farmers with the aim of increasing agricultural productivity and incomes.

Keen to join the buzz, an Orient Paper Mills’ team from Amlai, Shahdol district (M.P.) visited our old project area in Jamai for an exposure visit in January.
The day started with an interactive session with our beekeepers who explained different aspects of beekeeping. Next up was a visit to the bee boxes where the process of dividing a bee colony to form a new one was in progress. The group watched in fascination as a honeycomb with queen cells was placed in an empty box with a few worker bees. In a few days, the new queen bee will hatch and form a new colony!

Everyone can contribute in one way or the other to our efforts! Get involved – https://utmt.in/gift-a-bee-box/

Thrilled to have spotted the queen bee!

spotted a queen bee

Our team explaining the uses of various equipments we use for beekeeping.

various beekeeping equipments

The team explaining different seasons involved in beekeeping.

beekeeping season explaination