New cycle of training around the corner.

We’ll be busy bees soon with a new cycle of trainings beginning in a few weeks! Atar Singh Kaintura, our Technical Expert, was in Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh in September to help us plan for a strong season. Associated with UTMT since its founding days, Atarji was the technical resource person who laid the foundations for UTMT’s fieldwork.

  1. Atarji gives trainees tips on handling a beebox in Seoni, Madhya Pradesh


  1. Checking for signs of new queen cells, signalling the onset of a new growth season


  1. Using posters depicting important seasonal maintenance measures.


  1. Beekeepers all ears for Atarji’s advice on making the most of the upcoming season.


  1. With women beekeepers in Dhule


  1. Observing bees in a field of flowering niger, an oilseed. Niger is an important monsoon crop in the area, cultivated for oil.


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