In conversation with Devi Murthy of Kamal Kisan

Devi Murthy of Kamal Kisan

Favorite quote 

Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference

Kamal Kisan designs, develops and manufactures relevant agricultural equipment that can save money and time for the farmer. Learn more about Kamal Kisan

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What inspired you to start a social enterprise in agriculture?

The desire to use my skill in mechanical engineering to create social impact was the inflection point for me. My interest in agriculture was co-incidental, it started as a casual chat with my general inquisitiveness over an unknown area, the story of farmers struggling with labor issues and not having access to technology was echoing from every corner I had visited and this compelled me to start Kamal Kisan.

Devi Murthy with Devi Enterprise team

What is your fondest memory since starting Kamal Kisan? 

During one of our first installation of our mulch layer, our customer was very happy with the performance of the machine. After the demo, I was able to help the farmer prepare a flat bed with plastic sheets over it as our dining area. We shared a sumptuous meal with all the laborers under the shade of a tree. I was welcomed with open arms without any prejudice and the meal was the most satisfying experiences in spite of it being very basic.

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Favorite quote 

Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference

Devi Murthy driving tractor