Since March 2009, UTMT has grown from just sourcing honey to providing beekeeping training, capacity-building and ensuring market access to nearly 3000 farmers across 6 states over the country impacting more than 15,000 rural lives including farmer’ families. Some of these activities have involved:
• Training 1,432 farmers in beekeeping including women, thereby increasing their income by Rs 10,000 -12,000/ annually.
• Providing 1,500 small beekeepers direct market access for their sustainably harvested honey and increasing their annual income by 25%.
• Trained 1,432 farmers in beekeeping and demonstrating a 50% increase in yields of important crops.
• Creating 55 Master Trainers to provide support to scale up the BPR model at farm level and by Rs 12,000 per annum.
• Bringing to the market 10 Metric Tonnes of honey and 5 Metric Tonnes of beeswax.
• Impact of Beekeeping on Agricultural Productivity:
• Results from a UTMT short-term research study on the impact of beekeeping with the indigenous Apis cerana indica on agricultural productivity, show that all of the 16 locally important plants studied demonstrated productivity increases, with the highest being Capsicum (Bell Pepper) at 227% and ridge gourd at 27%.

• Examples of increased agricultural productivity at the farm level are as follows:
• These remarkable increases in agricultural yields as a result of beekeeping, have substantially increased marketable surpluses of both food and cash crops for farmer families, increasing their incomes by over 50%.
• UTMT’s BPR model has showed farmers that beekeeping is quite feasible and possible in areas where unsustainable honey hunting was previously practiced, leading to a decline in the local bee populations.
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