What is single flora honey?

Single flora honey is honey that retains its unique and natural flavors, directly influenced by nectar gathered by bees from flowers they visit, the climatic season and locations of their hives. With the most diverse assortment of single flora honey in the marketplace, we work with beekeepers to ensure our honey truly tastes like its floral origin. Each of our honeys is clearly labeled with its floral source and packaged in simple, jars so that nothing shadows their rich, natural color and taste.

What do you mean by organic?

Our organic honeys do not have any additives and chemical substances like processed sugars, fructose corn syrup, or other sweeteners.

Does crystallization of honey occur when additional sugar is added?

Crystallization is a natural process since honey contains glucose, fructose, sucrose, and maltose. To prevent your honey from crystallizing, keep it in warmer temperatures or in natural sunlight. If crystallized, you can put the jar in hot water to melt the honey.

Do you add any flavours to the honey? How do you get litchi in it?

We do not add anything to the honey, keeping it 100% all-natural. The hint of litchi comes from the nectar of the litchi flowers that the bees feed off to make the honey. When bees are put in a litchi orchard, they will feed only on the nectar of the litchi flower which will give the honey its unique taste.