Dang Baseline – June 2015

The Monitoring & Evaluation team here at UTMT have been busy bees these days! On the heels of the Dhule leg of the NABARD baseline study, a second baseline was recently conducted in Dang district of Gujarat, where UTMT is teaching beekeeping to women’s Self Help Groups with support from NABARD. 102 women across 10 village were surveyed in 6 days. It marks the first time UTMT has surveyed such a large number of beneficiaries, and the team worked very hard to meet the target in record time.

Photo-snippets from the field:

Some farmers are extremely shy, some less shy but still take time to open up, while others are chatty as ever from the start. This particular lady in Bhapkal village belonged to the second category. It took Program Associate Pradeep time to make her comfortable with the survey.
image 1
The local dialect in Dang is Dangi, a mixture of Marathi and Gujarati. We relied on a pair of local college students to communicate with the community all through the survey. Here, the intern Dipesh explains a point made by the woman, to Rhea, Senior Program Officer who focuses on capturing the data in her notes.
image 2
Program Associate Christina alongwith field staff Manilalbhai and an intern, listen while a trainee in Pimpri village explains about her experience with bees.
image 3
The process often turns into an attraction for curious neighbours and passers-by, something the team is used to. Here in Bhapkal village, Dhara, Team Leader Gujarat (left) leads the discussion.
image 4
The team often shares light moments, especially when they try to speak the local language. It becomes a source of much amusement to the community, like this time when Rhea tried to!
image 5
Relaxing after a hard day’s work at at the famous Giradhod waterfall.
image 6
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