Benefits of Organic Honey

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Organic honey is known for its medicinal benefits. Read ahead to find out more about the healing powers of organic honey…

Organic honey has played an important role in traditional medicine since ancient times. The texts of Ayurveda consider honey as a boon due to the medicinal benefits of honey. Honey helps in treating indigestion, acute cough, skin disorders (such as wounds and burns), and other lung-related diseases. According to Ayurvedic experts, honey is also helps in keeping the teeth and gums healthy.

In addition, during the past few decades, honey is gradually being accepted into modern medicine. This shift has resulted from the various medicinal benefits of honey that have been discovered after rigorous research through laboratory investigations. The following are some of the most remarkable findings related to the healing powers of honey-

  1. Honey may possess anti-inflammatory properties and provide assistance in stimulating immune responses within a wound. These anti-inflammatory effects of honey in humans after ingestion of honey have been demonstrated through research related to the medicinal benefits of honey.
  2. One of the most critical discoveries is the antibacterial properties of honey. Honey reportedly has an inhibitory impact to around 60 types of bacteria. A few reviews demonstrate that diluted honey can be utilized to treat urinary tract infections in light of the fact that specific bacteria causing urinary tract diseases were observed to be sensitive to the antibacterial action of honey.
  3. One of the most studied uses of honey is found in mending of wounds. The most prominent medicinal benefit of honey can be witnessed while dressing wounds as honey catalyzes the healing process and prevents risks of infection.
  4. Ingestion of honey has also proven to be helpful in treating diseases such as diarrhea, gastroenteritis, and peptic ulcer disease.
  5. Organic honey can play a vital role in the treatment of chest pain, fatigue and vertigo. This is probably due to the high nutritional energy content of honey which provides immediately available calories after consumption.
  6. Apart from the use of honey in treatment of diseases, some studies also demonstrate that honey is an effective, alternative source of carbohydrates, especially for athletes undergoing endurance training.

Get started with this simple banana and honey porridge recipe (link below)-

lichi honey flavors

Various honey flavors such as litchi honey, sweet clover honey or wild forest honey can be used to make a simple and healthy banana and honey porridge.


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