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Honey with Lime – Weight loss Formula

Weight loss involves a lot of determination and commitment. While gymming or playing a sport can bring down your weight, eating right is also very important. Beginning the weight loss regime here’s the “honey and lime” combination: Why try just any honey when UTMT offers you a variety of honey that serves specific needs. For […]

Master Trainer Success Story

Master Trainer Vimal Dilip Vadvi Mauchipada village, Sakhri block, Dhule district, Maharashtra Vimaltai’s story is an exceptional one. She is probably one of UTMT’s first ever woman beekeepers to transfer bees single-handedly from the wild into beeboxes. It is this unique ability that catapulted her into the league of Junior Master Trainers just 2 months […]

Naturally Exfoliate Your Skin

Your skin goes through a lot of pollution during the day. All it needs is a bit of relaxation and exfoliation. Basically, a ‘honey with oats’ face pack is the exactly what your skin needs! To prepare your honey with oats pack, you will need: – Half cup of your favorite UTMT honey – Handful […]

ShardaTai – An Inspiration For Many Female Farmers

Sharda Pimpalse, 42 years of age hails from Sukhapur village in Dhule district. She is one of our most passionate new women beekeepers. Trained in February 2014 as part of the UTMT-NABARD project to teach the women self help groups beekeeping, she took an active interest in learning the skill and encouraging her fellow trainees […]

UTMT’s Master Trainers Program – A smashing success!

Twice a year, Under The Mango Tree takes the initiative of making life better for the less privileged – for the farmers as well as the bees! We aim at teaching the farmers the art of “beekeeping” to add to their source of income.   This February saw the first of the two lined up training […]

Honey Face Pack for Blemish Free Skin

Blemish free skin is something that we all desire. With the pollution, stress and overall environment today, blemish free skin has become more of a privilege, an asset if you have it! In case you have a few ugly spots that you want to get rid of, try this amazingly effective honey – lemon face […]

The Impacts of UTMT’s Work

    Believe it or not, the importance of bees stretches beyond their ability to produce honey.  As India faces desertification and the size of its arable land decreases, bees play an increasingly important role in keeping crop yields high for the most vulnerable farmers in rural regions.  Bees are natural which facilitate cross-pollination.  Under […]

The Rich & Unique History of Honey

Honey is a natural sweetener that has been used since ancient times.  The earliest evidence of honey hunting was found on a wall painting in a cave in Valencia, Spain.  It depicts a human figure hanging on the side of a tree with a bucket, bees in the surrounding and a hive in the tree.  […]

Natural Process of Bee Pollination

  I bet you don’t think about bees every time you sit down to eat a meal, but they are an integral part of the food production process.  Without bees, the world would not have apples, onions, cucumbers, oranges, and many other fruits and vegetables, because they depend on pollination, which only bees can provide!  […]

Honey for Healthy Skin

  Organic honey has many more usages than just as a supplement of sugar. Often honey is used as an ingredient for its distinctly sweet flavor, but it is so rich in nutrients that its uses can go beyond just diet. The best non-traditional usage of honey is as a beauty product in place of […]