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Beekeeping with NABARD

Dangs (Gujarat) and Dhule (Maharashtra) rank among India’s most backward districts in a number of development indices due to high percentage of Scheduled Tribes and Scheduled Caste populations, low wages, and low productivity. UTMT’s collaboration with NABARD aims to improve the livelihoods of 1,000 WSHG (Women’s Self Help Group) women in these districts by training them in […]

Our Successful Master Trainer Workshop – April 2015

UTMT’s “Master Trainers” are farmers who have demonstrated more interest and capability in beekeeping than the rest of their beekeeping peers. They are part of the technical team performing a host of field-level activities: teaching beekeeping to new beekeepers, providing fortnightly handholding, checking health of the beeboxes and solving issues related to beebox management. Ms. […]

Case Study – Vitthal Choudhary, Beekeeper

Vitthal Choudhary Badagi village, Peth block, Nashik, Maharashtra For Vitthal Choudhary,a 23-year old beekeeper from the small village of Badagi 3 hours away from Nashik city, keeping bees has proved to bea huge boon for his mango wadi (orchard).A diploma in Agricultural Science from a college in Nashik, he currently juggles his  Bachelor of Arts […]

Honey Lemon Face Pack

UTMT honey and lime juice summer face pack   This is the best summer face pack for glow, fairness and oil control. This is good to get the skin color back to normal after you come home from prolonged sun exposure. Here’s how you prepare it: Mix your favorite UTMT honey and some lemon juice […]

Case Study – Chabildas Jadhav

Technical Assistant Chabildas Jadhav Kopurli village, Peth block, Nasik district, Maharashtra state   Chabildas Jadhav 36, first learned of beekeeping in 2009 when UTMT visited his village. Uncertain about his future and depressed with his meager income from agriculture and wage labour, he enrolled for the training held in his small village of Kopurli in […]

Case Study – Lahanubhai Tople, Carpenter

Lahanubhai Tople Carpenter Tutarkhed village, Dharampur block, Valsad district, Gujarat state Lahanubhai Tople, 40, is a simple farmer hailing from Tutarkhed, a remote tribal hilltop village situated 3 hours away from Valsad town in south Gujarat. A small-scale carpenter by profession, Lahanubhai’s irregular and meager income proved insufficient to sustain his family of five. He […]

Honey Harvesting Success Story – Sangeeta Baris

Sangeeta Baris, 29, lives in Mauchipada, Dhule and was trained on the 11th & 12th of Deccember, 2014 as part of a joint NABARD – Under The Mango Tree undertaking. Sangeeta Tai was  fascinated with the ideas of bees staying in box and initially thought that it was an impossible task. However, the practical training made […]

Master Trainer Success Story – Bharatbhai

Bharatbhai Bhoya, 25 is UTMTs youngest Master Trainer from Tutarkhed village in Gujarat. Bharatbhai initially cultivated only rain-fed crops such as Rice, Ragi, and Black Gram. After being trained by Under The Mango Tree on beekeeping, Bharatbhai understood the role bees played as pollinators and their impact on increasing farm yields. He then adopted a bee-friendly cropping pattern and […]

The inspiring story of OmnaTai

Omna Suresh Mauchi Mauchipada village, Sakhri block, Dhule district, Maharashtra  Omnatai, 38, from Mauchipada village in Dhule, is another rising star from the new batch of trainees in UTMT’s NABARD-supported beekeeping project. She was inducted in January 2015 as a Master Trainer, which entitles her to specialized training workshops held by UTMT for promising Master […]

Success Stories – NABARD supported Beekeeping Training

Sumitraben Shubhanbhai  Bhoya, 43, is the latest addition to the cadre of woman Master Trainers in UTMT. Master Trainers are farmers who demonstrate special interest in beekeeping from among the group trained, and are imparted advanced skills so that they are equipped to care for all the village bee boxes. Educated until Class VIII, Sumitraben’s […]