The Auspiciousness of Pure Honey in Indian Culture

pure honey

One of the life’s greatest pleasures is exchanging gifts. Mahatma Gandhi has aptly put it – “A nation’s culture resides in the hearts and in the soul of its people.” Almost every culture around the world has traditions and etiquette related to receiving and giving gifts.

The gift-giving tradition is deep-rooted in the Indian culture. It isn’t necessarily about the object itself, but more about the emotion and sentiment behind it. Giving a customized gift is one way of expressing love, gratitude, appreciation and recognizing a significant event. Although the culture and practices vary around the country, the spirit of love and sharing remains constant.

With that said, there are always questions about what could be the right gift. With so many choices, how does one choose the right gift that expresses the sentiment and is useful too?

We might just have the answer for you. One of the gifts that fit the bill of expressing love and goodwill, and might we say, adds extra sweetness to the whole process is Organic Honey. It’s healthy, delicious and most importantly, it is considered one of the most auspicious elements of the Indian culture. Here are a few explanations to that:

  1. It is one of the five ingredients of Panchamrita (also known as Amrit) that is used during Puja by Hindus. As per our Indian mythology, all the ingredients of panchamritahave special benefits and honey is used for its antibacterial properties.
  2. The Quran mentions about honey that it is a ‘healing for humankind’.  The powerful healing attributes of honey have long been used to promote health and healing.  Both the Holy Quran and Hadiths (Prophetic traditions) refer to honey as a healer of disease.
  • Pure Honey is representative of the Sikh meaning for Amrit or nectar. It is sugar water that is used during the Khalsa initiation ceremony.
  1. There is a legend that says that just before the Buddha’s enlightenment, a young woman named Sujàtà offered him a bowl of milk rice and honey, a meal that gave him the strength for his last struggle. This is one of the reasons why Buddhists have long considered honey to be a particularly auspicious food.
  2. In the Holy Bible, honey denotes delight because it is sweet, and everything sweet in the natural world corresponds to what is delightful and pleasant in the spiritual world.
  3. The Rig Veda and Atharva Veda are full of description about yajnas and the method of purifying idols with the golden nectar. The Rigveda boasts of Bhramri devi-or the goddess of golden bees. It is believed that when the Goddess poured nectar on the dried and decaying roots of ‘ash tree’, the tree came back to life. Hence, before performing any puja, pure honey is used for purifying idols.

gifting honey

It’s safe to say that honey is one of the many elements that unites all our varied Indian cultures. It is strengthening, boosts immunity, great for the skin and adds sweetness to everything. Organic Honey holds an important place in the Indian culture and is considered to be auspicious across the land for various religious and spiritual purposes, which makes it an ideal gifting option.

There are tons of ways you can get creative with this. There are a lot of customized Honey gift sets that you can give. Under The Mango Tree has some amazing Healthy Honey Gift Sets for all occasions. This Diwali, show your loved ones you care by gifting them one of the most auspicious elements of our Indian culture.