A learning initiative at Cathedral infant school

It is truly said that it takes a big heart to shape little hearts. We are fortunate and happy to see our bee box and honey photos at Cathedral infant school’s gardening show. We believe this is a notable educative effort taken by the school, children and parents. An interactive session where groups of happy children from other schools participated in Mumbai and learned about nature, pollinators and gardening through creative exhibits, crafts and demos. A very nice effort of spreading the sweetness of knowledge in form of learning.

Beebox decorated with paper-and-peg bees made by the kids. They loved holding the wooden frames, peeking inside, and asked many clever questions.

Beebox decorated with paper-and-peg bees

Welcome to Upper 1 B’s corner !

bee corner

Mimicking a beehive: queen bee sitting pretty while worker bees collect pollen and nectar

Mimicking a beehive

We have an audience!

bee hive audience

Fascinated to see pictures of honey being extracted from a honeycomb inside a beebox

drawing of honey bee

One of many colourful bee crafts

colourful bee crafts

Butterflies, beetles, bugs also pollinate plants in our gardens

drawing of pollinate plants in our gardens

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